Replanting the Rainforests (pt 1)

By isak, April 1, 2009

Replanting the rainforests is a program of the Eco Preservation Society based on creating sustainably managed permanent rainforest habitats — a step beyond conservation and tree-planting in that it creates environments that mimic the natural processes of the forest environment. The natural array of biodiversity is meticulously safeguarded.

From their website, here is their explanation:

The Replanting the Rainforests program was developed by the Eco Preservation Society and is implemented in conjunction with Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, Rainforest Trust and TreeBankingLLC. We are presently running the Earth Day Birthday Gift to Our Planet Campaign in support of the program.

In 2009 we are rolling out is a pilot for the campaign. Starting in 2010 we will be executing a ten-year program to “Turn the Tide on Global Deforestation”

Not another Conservation Program

This is not a Conservation Program. Conservation is critical, but 80% of the planets native forests are gone and conservation is no longer enough.

Not another Tree Planting Program

This is not simply Tree Planting program. There are several other tree planting programs, but these programs are fatally flawed. These programs do not have control of the lands where the trees are planted and in most cases the trees are planted in areas that have a history of deforestation.

Sustainably Managed Permanent Rainforest Habitats

The Replanting the Rainforest Program creates Sustainably Managed Permanent Rainforest Habitats. Within these habitats both sustainable forestry and permagriculture techniques will be employed that will as close as possible mimic natural processes so as not to upset the continuity of the forest environment. The natural array of biodiversity is meticulously safeguarded, while at the same time we create the economic engine necessary to prevent the un-sustainable exploitation of the resource.

Our focus is to find under-producing agricultural lands, cattle ranches and degraded forests and restore them to more natural conditions. Our methods include analog forestry, wildlife habitat enhancement, biomass carbon negative energy production, biochar soil augmentation and edible forest gardens.

Give a Gift to our Planet.

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