Rufus has left the building!

By isak, May 30, 2012

Well, after a mix-up yesterday did not free him, the folks from Angels of Fur returned to DeWitt today to spring Rufus from the DeWitt Animal Hospital in New York. You may remember from our post yesterday that Rufus was found covered in fleas and mange on the streets of Syracuse — alone. And to that, add that Rufus is deaf. In what seems to be true Rufus style, he is taking the change quite happily in stride. His next stop is to live with a trainer who will teach him basic sign language. And from there, the search will begin to find a forever home for him.

Follow us as we update Rufus’ progress… and please share his story so we can help him find his new home.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Rufus, please contact
Angels in Fur.

To follow are some video clips from earlier today: Rufus emerging from the back of the facility where he has been staying; standing out in the parking lot waiting to GO; and, thanking the animal control officer who helped him reach this point.

First Steps into A New Life

One Door Closes and Another Opens

Rufus has LEFT the Building!

Saying “Thanks” to the Animal Control Officer who brought him in

GO, RUFUS! I know there is a home out there just looking and waiting for you!

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