Sadly, these are signs of our times

By isak, November 8, 2011

My neighbors found this young buckskin as they were heading for church Sunday morning. I walked her a bit more than a mile back to our corner of the world and put her in another neighbor’s pasture while we sort this all out. Maybe a wildfire evacuee? Or maybe she was turned loose due to financial hardship. Or both?

An animal communicator relayed this message from the horse:

“The dun mare says that her people were unable to feed her and she ran from the fire. Asks to please have some sand psyllium stuff because she ate some plastic bags from some bread – and the plastic is in her digestive tract. This is not a problem, she is young and healthy and it will pass through — just needs some of that sand colic in a bucket stuff.”

“She says that some folks had her and she got out. She says be careful. After you get her pretty, they will show up and want her back, but they cannot care for her properly.”

“Does not report any lameness or health problems — just thin from poverty.”

Several people have said, “I saw her Sunday morning standing along the side of the road.”

She’s kind of hard to miss; she’s 300 pounds underweight! A walking buckskin bag of bones. By the vet’s estimate, she is 8-9 years old. Appears to be in good shape; especially “once she gets some groceries in her,” as a friend told me.

The good news is that many people have shown an interest in offering her a home. So she did the right thing in running away from the last two homes. Perhaps the third one will be her charm!

Sadly, this is a living, breathing example of what is happening all over. As the reach of financial hardship stretches it grasp further into our communities, our animals are the first to suffer. In many cases, animals are left to fend for themselves — either in overgrazed pastures or simply on their own. There are reports that people are simply leaving the gate open and letting their animals go. That’s how desperate things have become; a dismal reality of our times.

Best to you, baby girl!

Here’s an update on Daisy Sunshine Strider (yes, she chose the name)!SaveSave




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