Saving Shelter Dogs From The Freezing Winter

By isak, December 11, 2009

Hattiesburg, MS (PRWEB) December 11, 2009 — Who would have thought that a simple project to help their local shelter would turn into a movement stretching out all over the country and helping thousands of shelter dogs?

Well, this is exactly what happened when a couple from a small town decided to make a trip to their local shelter one day. They noticed that in weather as low as 20 degrees, dogs where being kept outside the shelter due to overpopulation and lack of room inside the buildings.

Most people would simply shake their head at the unfortunate sight of these helpless animals but what this couple decided to do next would bring to light one of the most overlooked adversities that shelter dogs everywhere face every winter.

Goodwill sweaters turned into dog sweatersAfter putting their heads together, the couple decided to make a trip to their local Good-Will where they collected old and used sweaters. Then, with a little creativity and a few extra hours on their hands, they recycled these old sweaters and converted them into some of the cutest doggy sweaters you’ve ever seen!

Next, the couple re-visited their local shelters with bags upon bags of doggy sweaters to comfort the freezing dogs forced to sleep out in the cold.

Then (literally overnight) what seemed like a simple small dead, quickly turned into an urgent movement as bloggers everywhere began to spread the word, and this couple began taking donations for sweaters in hopes to distribute to shelters all across the country.

In her blog Alisha writes “Here in our small home town we only represent a small corner of the country. The winters are nice compared to many chilling places up north and through-out.

After talking to other shelters just in our area I can only imagine what dogs go through every winter all over the US. Its obvious we have (unexpectedly) stumbled upon a HUGE issue that should be addressed.”

And so it was, that hundreds of donations starting coming in from all over the the country big and small.

But according to our sources its not nearly enough. There are still thousands of shelter dogs left out in the cold every year due to overwhelming populations of stray dogs.

The couple are still taking sweater donations.

You can visit their blog by clicking here

Here’s how you can help:
Send us your old sweaters and we will recycle them and distribute them to animal shelters all over the us so that dogs just like the ones we’ve already helped dont have to suffer through the cold winter(the smaller the better). Im sure if you dig around your closet you can find a sweater or two that you never plan on wearing again.

Send your old sweaters to the following address:
PO Box 19071
Hattiesburg, MS 39404

If you DON’T have any old sweaters:
Then pass this blog to someone who does!

Do you have a friend or family member who has a passion for animals besides yourself? Then simply copy and paste the url below in an email and ask a friend or family member to visit this blog so they can help too!


Here is your chance to give back for the holidays and help save thousands of dogs from a freezing winter!

Remember that winter lasts long after the holidays, too!

What do you think?

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