Scoring your Dog’s Poop

By isak, September 12, 2014

Okay, this is dog poop — up close and personal. So be forewarned before you scroll down any further. The image may be more graphic than you want to view, but it will help you better understand what you are seeing.

So, here we go:

Sample #1 is from a constipated dog. It’s a little too hard. Although some owners celebrate the small stool, they’re not indicative of a healthy, robust GI tract. In most cases, dietary modifications can help tremendously. Pulverized green veggies can be a charm.

Sample #2 may look perfect, but you’d be surprised at the number of dogs who produce these tootsie rolls, yet have a hard time passing them. In some cases, we see pieces of tootsie roll rather than the exact example shown. Again, a bit too dry.

Sample #3 is normal for many dogs. It may not be perfect, but a lot of this depends on gut bacteria (friend and foe) and the fat/fiber content of the diet.

Dogs with GI problems are more likely to produce Samples # 4- #7 prior to the condition being under control, but eating something (food that doesn’t agree with the dog, leaves, and whatever else dogs gobble down without the owner noticing) can cause this as well. The difference is that these stools tend to firm up and get back to normal in healthy dogs whereas dogs with active GI trouble can take longer to be turned around.

Scoring dog poop

Resource: Purina


  1. Joni Esposito says:

    It would be helpful to add what nor
    Mal stool looks like

  2. kathy underwood says:

    my dog has a corn looking like substance in her stool and it is larger and when broke open it looks to have seeds in it . What is this and what should i do ?

    • isak says:

      Sounds like you dog ate something… and has passed it in her stool. If she seems to be feeling okay, I think she will be fine.

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