Vick Reality: Bally Total Fitness drops out

By isak, February 16, 2010

Kudos to Bally Total Fitness! I received an email from them today regarding my request that they refrain from supporting the Michael Vick reality show slated to appear on BET. They stated that they have “blocked all future advertising during this program.” However, due to the way they contract out their advertising on BET, ads for Bally could appear during the show. Perhaps our emails have made a difference. Here’s their email:

Thank you for contacting Bally Total Fitness.

Bally Total Fitness shares your concern regarding advertising on “The Michael Vick Project” and we have blocked all future advertising during this program. We never intended to support this show and any Bally Total Fitness commercial seen during this programming was not placed in support of this program. Advertising is placed on the BET network to air during a broad rotation of hours based upon audience criteria. As a result, the Bally Total Fitness advertisement was broadcast during this program.

Bally Total Fitness
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Please e-mail the sponsors of the Michael Vick Reality Show and express your opposition to their financial support of the program. Here’s the list.

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