Grey Muzzle Helps Keep Old Dogs with Their Owners; Beloved Author Lends Support

August 3, 2009

The Grey Muzzle Organization has partnered with author Harold Creel to help address a casualty of the economic downturn: old dogs that are being separated from their owners who can no longer afford their food and medical care. Through the sale of Creel’s book, Do Old Dogs Dream?, Grey Muzzle is looking to make additional grants for community programs that provide food and medical assistance to help keep old dogs with their owners and out of animal shelters.

Schwarzenegger Tax Cut: Kill Shelter Animals Faster to Save Money

June 9, 2009

One of the many tax cuts Gov Schwarzenegger is proposing is one that has been previously defeated but I guess he hopes that Californians who are feeling the pinch will let it get through this time, is to kill animals at shelters faster. He wants to cut the hold time on strays and lost pets from 6 days to 3 days, saying it will save the state $24.6 million.

Maria Daines sings in support of animal rescues worldwide

May 13, 2009

Maria Daines writes music that supports not-for-profit organizations all over the world.

Update: Dog found in the ditch

April 18, 2009

“Harley” is recuperating. His front leg has been splinted for the four breaks it sustained after being hit by a car. From asking around we have learned there was a small dog with a camoflage collar that regularly ran around in a nearby neighborhood but he has not been seen in a couple weeks. His […]

Recipe: Oatmeal Dog Biscuits

April 14, 2009

Recipe for Oatmeal Dog Biscuits

Dog in ditch update

April 7, 2009

Not much to report. His leg has been splinted. Due to the swelling the vet will re-assess our options on Thursday. The options are: splinting; surgery; or amputation. Needless to say, I am hoping the splinting will work… cross your fingers, say a prayer or whatever best works to ask for some good fortune for […]

Dog lays in ditch for a while after getting hit by car

April 6, 2009

The lady was heading to her mom’s house from out of town. As she was driving down the highway (a two-lane highway), she noticed a dog laying in the ditch raise it’s head.

Online Silly Dog Tricks

March 27, 2009

Have you seen this website? You type in commands for the dog to do like sit, jump, bark, down… and check out his comments when you get crazy with your request. Pretty clever. Catchy tune in the background, too!

Top 10 plant poisoning insurance claims for pets

March 24, 2009

Pets eat some odd stuff and plants are among the most commonly injested items. According to a recent study, claims were higher for pets that ate marijuana than walnuts.

Dog Tags

March 16, 2009

The Washington Humane Society (WHS) recently launched a brand new program, “Dog Tags,” which provides a very different kind of training to soldiers. Injured soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center come to WHS’s new Behavior and Learning Center, located across the street from the hospital, twice a week to learn and study animal […]

Tellington TTouch

March 16, 2009

The intent of TTouch is to relax and awaken the mind, to create focus, and enhance an animal’s willingness and ability to learn. It’s a massage of sorts.

Send a FREE email postcard

February 27, 2009

I have added a function for sending free email postcards from the Will Work for Dog website. There are several photos to choose from for your postcard and I will be adding more.

Underground railroad… did you know?

February 24, 2009

Did you know there is a large “underground railroad” going on all the time moving cats and dogs from shelters and rescue facilities to other rescue facilities or even forever homes? The only commitment is driving a dog/cat or dogs/cats from point A to point B, generally about an hour or maybe 90 minutes one way.

Greeting cards

February 20, 2009

I’ve been working on several greeting card ideas for the website.


“Indomitable survivor”

February 13, 2009

When he was just a puppy, Larry says Oogy was living in a hell on earth. He was tied to a stake and used as bait for pit bulls in a dogfighting ring. “He’d been thrown in a cage and left to die, and the police raided the facility,” Larry says. “He was brought to Ardmore Animal Hospital, and they saved him.”

Too much help… or art?

January 24, 2009

I thought I would paint part of the floor. I primed it weeks ago. The phone rang shortly into the process. After returning to the paint job, this is what I found: Looks to me like they ran through the paint as soon as I left the room.